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Immerse yourself in the lush wilderness with our vibrant ' Jungle' backdrop with a green and blue pattern. Transport your photography to a tropical paradise, where vivid greens and blues come alive in this mesmerizing pattern.

Crafted with detail, this high-quality backdrop sets the stage for captivating nature-themed shoots, exotic fashion editorials, and eye-catching product displays. Let your creativity thrive as you embrace the energetic jungle vibes and create visuals that leave a lasting impression. Whether you're a professional photographer or an adventurous enthusiast, this backdrop is the perfect tool to add a touch of wild inspiration to your compositions. Step into the jungle and bring your vision to life with this vibrant ' Jungle' backdrop with a green and blue pattern.

Our backdrops are especially made for food, studio, cosmetics, artisans, jewelry, product photography and e-commerce stores to promote their products. They are designed to last long and help you to create perfect images for your products or social content.

Effortlessly set up, shoot, and post high-quality images anywhere, anytime with our collection of professional photography backdrops.

● 60 x 90 cm
● Backdrop ´Jungle`
● Printed and produced in the EU
● High Quality Matte Lightweight Pvc Vinyl material
● Easy to wipe clean and long lasting
● Rolled up so you can easily take them on assignment or store them.
● Immediately flat when rolled out.
● Must have for food and product photography

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