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Choosing the perfect vinyl backdrop: A guide

Posted by Claudia Lucke on

No matter what other tricks you have up your sleeve in your food or product styling game, remember, it all begins with the backdrop. It's like the canvas for your masterpiece. The color, the texture, the vibe - it's all your call.

And when it comes to options, vinyl backdrops are the superheroes. They're flexible, sturdy, and oh-so-easy to work with. Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of picking the perfect vinyl backdrop for your photography adventures:

Think before you do
Before picking your backdrop it is important that you think about the dish or product you are aiming to capture. Picture the style you're striving for. The colors you choose play a starring role in the final masterpiece. For me, it all starts with a moodboard - a canvas of colors and props that steer my creative ship during shoots.

Size Matters
Think about the stage you want to set. Ensure your backdrop's canvas is big enough for the scene you're orchestrating. You don't want the edge of your photo to be cut off when making a flat lay photo or to be short on the backdrop. That's why at Backdropshop, we offer two sizes: 60 x 90 cm or 90 x 135 cm.

Investing in a high-quality vinyl backdrop is essential.
Look for backdrops that are made from thick and durable materials that won't wrinkle easily (all our backdrops are made of high standard PVC vinyl). Also it is important that they are matt and smooth. A well-crafted vinyl backdrop not only ensures a smooth and professional look but also stands the test of time, making it a worthy addition to your photography toolkit.

Looks just like the real deal
Consider the visual appearance of the backdrop in relation to the subjects you'll be photographing. Whether it's for food photography, product shots, or any other genre, the backdrop should complement and enhance the subject rather than overpowering it. Opt for backdrops that offer a realistic and attractive background that suits your intended style.
Consider the theme and mood you want to create in your photographs. Choose vinyl backdrops that align with the emotions or concepts you're aiming to capture. Darker tones might evoke a more dramatic ambiance, while lighter shades can bring a sense of freshness and openness. Or just go wild with a bright color to set the vibe.

The Storytelling Canvas
Envision the story you're telling through your lens. Align your backdrop with the vibe you're creating. Whether it's mystery or vibrancy, let your backdrop whisper the tale. And guess what? We've got your back for any style or vibe you're seeking.

Elevate your photography with precision, capturing visuals that mirror your creative vision. Your backdrop isn't just a setting – it's your partner in storytelling."


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